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New York update

So, I met Vancookie, on Saturday and guess what? He's GREAT, oh boy, I had such a nice time with him. He's really fun and he took me to this great bar, although the bartender totally had it in for us, breaking glasses, spilling our drinks, flinging Maraschino cherries all over the bar and whatnot. Only the bartender was blaming US and saying we were some kind of a vortex. Outrageous!

Then I went with Vancookie uptown to the Metropolitan Museum, and boy, he really knows that place and gave me the insider's tour (including the "Best Ass in the Met" and "The Gallery of Testicles") and I had such a good time I was late back for my friends, but they were lounging around in their pyjamas.

Anyway, even though we've now been in a room together, Vancookie and I are still not sure if we're the same person or not... only he's (and I hope he doesn't mind me revealing this to the crowd) and left hander and I'm not. But that could mean we are simply two halves of the same whole. I only wish I was seeing him again before I leave, but time's running out. So maybe he'll let me return the favour in London one day soon.

Otherwise, New York has just been so great, the only problem is my body hasn't got the same willingness to see and do everything as my mind, and I crashed out early early on Saturday evening, which is just shameful really.

We had a fabulous lunch at Balthazar, with some real proper starspotting -- Ed Norton and Salma Hayek, who were sitting at a table blocking our view of Jennifer Connelly, thank you very much.

It's been eating, walking and shop shop shopping, except not so much of the latter for me, although I was the enthusiastic suggester of a trip to Barneys yesterday after Vancookie's friend said she'd spent $70 on socks for her boyfriend there. Hurrah! Oh, but some bitch from the Prescriptives counter told me "I could give you a makeover to get rid of that red skin"!

I was thinking how healthy I was looking with rosy cheeks. So what if it's from drinking cocktails.

After our blowout lunch on Saturday, we managed to find dinner for five people for $25 in total last night, and it was really really great too.

Oh, gee, this entry is all over the place. I really just wanted to say what a great guy Vancookie is, even though I already knew that before I met him.

I'm really embracing my glamorous new lifestyle and I don't want to go back to my old life at the moment. In a book I haven't finished, Alain de Botton's "The Art of Travel" he says that the problem with going away on holiday is that you can't leave yourself behind when you get there, and I was feeling that way for the first day I was here but now I don't feel like that. I feel like I've left my worries behind me and that they were pointless, as, eventually, most worries are.

How are you, anyway?

6:11 a.m. - 2003-05-12


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