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About Last Night

As mentioned in my previous entry, I went out last night.

I could've gone into detail in that entry, but you know, I wanted to get that thing about Bechtel up because it seemed all live and exciting, only because I was listening to the radio about it all this morning, and does anyone have a clue what I'm talking about?


Last night, when everyone was looking really good, I was walking up Marylebone High Street, wondering why I'd never been there before, because it's just so nice, and because my friend, D., was really late (you know, I could probably just say "David", right, "David" isn't such an uncommon name that "David" is going to do a search on himself and stumble on this, although I know he googles people, because he told me so), I was wandering around a bit, and thinking how I want some good real estate luck (do you know who has good real estate luck? Vancookie does, that's who.)

Um... what was I saying... Oh. It's so nice around there. It's so nice that a real estate agent has thoughtfully christened the area "Marylebone Village". There's even a store there called Calmia, which provides "everything you need for a(n) holisitic lifestyle". Surprisingly when you look in the window, there's not a picture of oneself staring back at you, there are ... candles, and a book about tea, and yoga mats, and stuff that you probably don't need at all.

Later on, down the street, is the British Invisible Mending Service, isn't that fantastic. So I was having visions of legions of British Invisible Menders (invisible British menders?) being sent out to the colonies to do invisible mending.

The people, "David"'s friends, were OK, some BBC people, and even if they do something crappy at the BBC, it still sounds really good to me... "oh, I work at the BBC". I want to work at the BBC too.

And one of the BBC women's "partners" was there, he was "older" (probably just "old" really, but I want to seem open-minded and use as many "" as possible in this "entry"), so she kept on making it clear that they were together, I guess she's trying to avoid embarrassing confusion over who he is and him not being her father.

He was nice, if somewhat deaf, and was talking about when he lived in a monastery in Sussex for a few months, in the early 1980s (see... old!), and now that he's told me about it, I feel like I don't have to do that, because it's like I've had the experience already. Almost.

But you know, the other people were a bit... "darling", and it was someone's birthday, and that someone's sister was there being obnoxious. She's from the Home Counties and with two kids, and I've seen that before, they get out of the house for a night and down to London and it's like they don't know how to behave anymore, they go mad, she was really rude to the owner of the restaurant... no, she was just being rude generally, but thinking she was funny, but then they had to rush off to get home for the babysitter. The husband was OK though, but then it was funny because he was telling the older guy who'd been in a monastery (buddhist, it was) that he went to a Thai restaurant with his wife and another couple and the other couple proposed wife-swapping, and I guess he was waiting for the older monastery guy to be kind of horrified, but it was funny because he wasn't, he was non-commital in his response. I wanted to ask the husband what he said, but I was sort of pretending not to notice, because I didn't want to have to have an opinion on wife swapping.

But the older guy who went to the monastery forgot the Four Noble Truths, if someone told me the four noble truths, I don't know, you'd try and remember them. Wouldn't you?

12:36 p.m. - 2003-05-23


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