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David Blaine

I think I'm under a spell.

We went yesterday first here for long-awaited lunch of pie and mash, an East End speciality. And gee, I can see why it hasn't really caught on in the rest of the world. I mean, they were sort of raving about it and saying "this is really nice, you can get some really bad pie and mash", but it was just an average meat pie and some mashed potato and you had to get in quickly to stop them from drowning the whole lot in "liquor" (which is a white sauce made from the broth in which they cook the eel and parsley). I said that I liked to have my meat pies with tomato ketchup and they looked at me like I'd said I liked to eat my meat pies with a maggot-infested rat's head.

So, no ketchup. But that's what you do in Australia, and Australian meat pies are far nicer than what I ate yesterday.

After that, Pollymagoo, we went down to the river to see David Blaine. I took a picture from Tower Bridge:

and then we went down to where everyone is.

I don't know, there's all this stuff in the paper about jeering and egg throwing, but everyone seemed enthralled. And calling out, and getting excited when he waved.

It was kind of compelling in that Big Brother way. Like not much goes on, so then it's exciting when something happens. He was standing when we arrived:

and he walked around a bit (the box really moves a lot, he's going to have vertigo when he gets out, if nothing else) and wave at people, and sit down, and (we think) have a wee, adjust his draw-string pants (good thinking if you're going to be losing a lot of weight), and sort of write in his journal (although he was more flicking through it than writing). And I think I saw him do magic! Well, maybe he did, because suddenly everyone was like: "I'm coming back on Monday!" And I was like: "I'm quitting my job and coming to live here for the next month!"

So, see, he's not an illusionist. We couldn't stop talking about him, will he be a skeleton when he comes out (I don't think he will be, because he's quite podgy at the moment, he had his shirt of and you could see there was plenty of fat)? And what will he do, and when will he go mad?

I could've stayed forever, but we went instead to the pub. And then I walked back along the river, there was a festival on and it was millions of people everywhere. But I was lost in my head and thinking that I must really be an alien, but I've forgotten that I'm not from here, because I was there but I felt like I wasn't, and I felt as if I couldn't understand what everyone would be doing there.

I saw Budgieman singing a song with his budgies about how they were going to be on television. I couldn't stop thinking how that part of London has changed so much, there is a Pizza Express there now and millions of people around. And when I first came, you could really walk around there by yourself, there was the Anchor and that other pub I've never been to, and that was about it.

But then I couldn't stop thinking... 44 days, no food. It's creeping me out. I have to stop thinking about it.

9:58 a.m. - 2003-09-14


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