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In which the author laments being disorganised and the lack of staying power of Nars Jungle Red nail polish

My laundry situation is dire, I can't get up in the morning, my 5-a-day spending limit has gone out the window, and... and... blah. What kind of a month is this anyway? I'm close to being out of cheap European cigarettes and keep having mad ideas about how I should go to Europe so I can buy more cheap cigarettes and save money.

I feel inundated, I can't keep up with what I've planned to do when, with which emails I've sent, with people from work I'm trying to sort out to meet, with when I've said I'll see whom, and there's nothing in my diary, so maybe I've not organised anything at all except to watch television.

I'm wondering why we have the words "practicable" and "practical". It's upsetting me lately that the word "literally" is used to mean completely the opposite of what it really means. Why is that? It's like the word "terrific" isn't it.

Ah... Merriam Webster informs me that ...the use is pure hyperbole intended to gain emphasis, but it often appears in contexts where no additional emphasis is necessary. That's "literally" and not "terrific".

Nars Jungle Red nail polish, even with an undercoat and two coats, doesn't stay on for longer than 24 hours. But it does kind of dry quickly, which is the payoff for it being so thin and therefore fragile.

I have a totally different colour on my toenails, a cheap one that has lasted much longer, which also needs to be removed and possibly redone.

The Nars Jungle Red was a gift, with the matching lipstick, but I wore the lipstick once and it was, well... I think my brother kind of asked me what was wrong. I do love the nail polish colour though, it's as red as red can be. Red suits shortish fingernails, in my opinion.

I'm reading at the moment, it's the second Alan Warner book I've read. The first was Morvern Callar, which was turned into a not-very-good film. This one is called The Sopranos, which is kind of confusing, but it's about a group of Scottish choirgirls and not a family of Italian mobsters. Very good it is too. I finished Anne Tyler's Before when we were grown ups over new year, and, well, I just feel old when I read Anne Tyler, although she's really good.

I, mmm... I'm not sure what word to choose here... commented? accused? someone of being like a character out of a Nick Hornby novel because, well, it's the person I've been seeing, and I said it because (a) he knew the name of an item on a kebab shop menu and (b) he seems to have some kind of invisible Relationship Ready Reckoner that only he knows about, which calculates how soon you're allowed to do this or say that into a relationship, which is also kind of Nick Hornby.

I don't think he was happy about the comparison.

I was then forced to admit that I'd not actually read any Nick Hornby. But still. I think that the point stands.

OK, sorry, I'm done now. Go read someone more coherent then. See if I care. *sniff*

11:14 a.m. - 2003-01-21


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