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Ugh, horrible, hate, hate

Yesterday I saw this, and it was amazing, I left feeling amazed and uplifted, walking along the river on the South Bank on a warm, beautiful evening, that bit was so perfect.

But what was not perfect was ... I feel so angry about this ... having to listen to my mother and father tell me that my brother's mother-in-law is, in the words of my father, "the most awful person I have ever met in my entire life".

He was deadly serious.

They compared my brother's mother-in-law to the man who molested my other brother, the autistic one, the man who was sent to prison for three years. Seriously.

They told me "we would never say anything to your brother, but we're very worried about his mental health". Because his mother-in-law is so controlling.

I mean how unfair is that, to tell ME that my brother's mother-in-law is as bad as someone who has sex with a disabled child who is in his care, and then tell me not to tell him.

They said that my brother's mother-in-law is trying to "drive a wedge" between my brother and our family. That our family is "of no significance".

The reason they were upset is because in this stupid christening on Saturday, the other side of the family did readings and shit, and my brother's father-in-law gave a speech, and made a big deal about giving this big present, and our side of the family did nothing.

All of which, according to my parents, is because my brother's mother-in-law is an evil controlling witch, who is determined that my brother will have no say in the course of his life. I mean, the fact is, my parents don't believe in christenings, none of us were christened, and my parents haven't really shown any interest in the whole process and refused to come to the christening of their first grandchild for incredibly petty reasons.

It's so insane. My parents said to me "you probably think we're paranoid", and I was thinking "yeah, I do". I mean, I still remember my mother telling my brother that his wife was faking a pregnancy (which, of course, she was not, unless we've all been imagining their daughter for five years). So pardon me if I do think you're paranoid.

I think that the real issue is nothing to do with my brother's mother-in-law (who is a peculiar person, as mentioned in this entry). It's because the two children who could get away did get away, and I guess they're starting to notice that we're not exactly close. I mean, you don't notice these things until you see other people's families, and my brother's wife is very close to her family. And they're never going to look at themselves and think that it could possibly be anything to do with them, so why not blame someone else.

Ugh, it's all so stupid, and I just fucking hate that they put me in this position of next time I see my brother, or if he says anything to me about it, I'm going to have to bite my tongue and not say anything about this. Because we talk about them a lot, all the crazy shit that they do, but I can't say that they think his mother-in-law is as bad as a child molester.

And it's my stupid brother's fault for this whole crazy idea that it would be nice to get the two families together. Utter madness, these two families should never ever be in the same country again.

Blah, fuck, horrible horrible, I am glad, though, that I don't think I will be alone with my parents again before they go home, so I'll be safe, as long as we can stay on safe subjects at dinner with my brother and his wife for the next couple of days.

[breathe out -- relax]

11:09 a.m. - 2003-06-16


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