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last night at the bar where we didn't pay for everything

I went out last night with girlfriends, it was sort of a celebration because one of my friends got out of working in the bookshop to working in an office, for a good publisher, as some kind of an assistant, but to the sales people.

It was happy hour, I never go to happy hours, I mean, I never know where they are. But this was good, it was 3 for cocktails (a Kir Royale was 3 but a glass of champagne was 5.95, isn't that strange), and even better, you could get a fish finger sandwich for 3, with fries. It was nice, but they were somewhat posh fish fingers, battered and not crumbed, and if I ordered it again I'd get it with mayonnaise, not smothered with tomato ketchup, which is how it came. We were drinking at this place, which isn't somewhere I'd choose, but then I was telling them I was going to start having my dinner there every night because the food's cheap.

It ended up being super cheap though, because they didn't charge us for half the stuff. But I was feeling guilty, I'd been running a tab and sort of ended up in charge of it all, and the staff had been really nice and stuff, but my friends were like "quick let's pay it before they notice!" and then they wanted to give just a tenner each and I'm like "what about the tip?" and they're like "you don't have to tip in a place like this!", but really ... well, I did. I know it's hypocritical that I'd feel guilty about that when I stole Vanity Fair last week and thought it was funny, but ... well, I never understand why people hate hypocrisy so much, I think it's human to have a gap between having high standards for the way we want to be, and the way we really are.

I was depressed coming home then. And I got off at the wrong bus stop, so I was berating myself for being stupid in certain ways. I was thinking it would be fun to have a holiday from being smart in one way and to get, you know, six months or something so you could be smart with money. Then you could go back to being stupid with money but ... good at crosswords or whatever you're good at. But then I was just telling myself "next time you're on the bus, wait until after the Pizza Express before you get off", so hopefully I'll remember next time.

Pretty soon they will decide if that Raphael picture, the Madonna of the Pinks, stays here in the UK or is sold to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and it is really amazingly beautiful, they've had it on display at the National Gallery where you can donate money to keep it in the UK, but it's funny to see the collection box and there are always American dollars in there, so I don't know, if I was American I would want it to come to Los Angeles. Or maybe it's Americans who would sooner go to London than to LA? Or maybe they're confused when it says "Save The Raphael", and think that if they don't give money then the painting will be slashed into pieces and burned in a fireplace. It is lovely, I think you should click on that link. Go on. It opens in a new window!

Today I will go to the birthday party of my niece, who is five years old in a couple of weeks, and she's such a dear lovely girl, I hope she has a grand day.

7:41 a.m. - 2003-07-19


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