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It's just like the Cuban missile crisis, but worse

It had to happen.

I've been here since the beginning of May, that's over three months now, so I guess I've had a pretty good run of it.

But now. Our first toilet paper crisis.

There's two toilets in this house, one downstairs that the ladies of the house use (that's myself and Ange), and a second upstairs, which is primarily used by the Straightest Gay Man In The World (and if you ever doubted that he deserved that title, I've just been up there and that bathroom does not belong to a gay man ... only ONE kind of bath gel and it's from The Body Shop??)

Anyway, we're down to ONE roll of toilet paper, and it BELONGS IN THE LADIES' BATHROOM, having been purchased by one of the ladies (Ange), and because WE'RE LADIES, WE NEED PAPER EVERY TIME.

But somehow it's mysteriously ended up in the Gents upstairs (hence my recent visit).

I think that roll of paper belongs downstairs. But I don't want to start some kind of a toilet paper war that I just can't win by moving it down here.

Sure, I could go and buy MORE. But it's not my turn, and it's not Ange's turn.

I've got a sneaking suspicion that the Straightest Gay Man In The World doesn't ever buy toilet paper. I say that because before Ange bought some, I bought 12 rolls (hey, it was a good offer!), and I bought some before that and before that, and so did Ange, and unless Ange uses an awful lot, then we ladies are getting through a little too much.

To make it even more suspicious, the Straightest Gay Man In The World once told us if we ever ran out in the Ladies, we should come up to the Gents, because he's always got loads. I THINK HE'S STOCKPILING MY TOILET PAPER.

Oh my, the next thing you know, I'll be secreting rolls around the house and carrying them with me to the bathroom. Or ... maybe I'll just give in and buy some. There are times when a standoff is worth it -- but when it comes to doing battle with a man over toilet paper, nature has put us at something of a disadvantage. Thanks very much, nature.


On to subjects of a far more lofty nature. Someone who keeps a diary RIGHT HERE at Diaryland has created something wonderful -- and for a ridiculously low price and for ridiculously little effort, you can have that something wonderful.

I'm talking about Blam's comic, Styx Taxi: Pastrami for the Dead.

It's so worth getting hold of. I never read comics, so I'm not coming at this from a comic-book aficionado's point of view. I just thought it was really good, thought provoking, and I loved the writing (Blam did the writing, you know).

So you should go and buy it. It's really easy if you've got PayPal. If you don't have PayPal, you've just got to promise sexual favours, or something like that.

Now what are you doing here? Go and look at Styx Taxi!

5:57 p.m. - 2003-08-12


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